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Bont is really the only company offering wide format boots.

All other boots companies use a last build on narrow to medium width lasts.
We've never found entry/beginner boots of Bont, or any other brand to be any wider than their other models, but generally entry/beginner boots are more forgiving with more flexion(not as stiff as upper models), and more padding used in the boots for comfort.

A few ice boot companies like Viking started making med-wide lasts only in the past 5 years, and only with select ice boot models.

Bont really does a nice job of building semi-custom boots based off your widths & lengths of your tracings. And, it is worth the time to wait, as "wide" is not the same wide for everyone. Also, if you have left to right discrepancies in length or width Bont generally will consider that up, too.
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