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Default Intellectual Property rights in China.

I've worked in manufacturing sales for many years now, and am now making a mid-life career change into engineering. I'm also an amateur Sinophile (student/aficionado of Chinese language and culture). Based on the experiences I've learned from all three of these different angles, I bring a, perhaps, somewhat unique perspective to this. Also, I have several philosophical objections to IP in general, but it is a part of the world we live in. So the rest of my response here will be worded from a pro-IP perspective, even though that's not my own personal perspective.

Safety concerns aside: For all the complaints about IP in China, most people would be shocked to find out that patents/copyrights/trademarks/etc are very well enforced in China...

if, and only if, the person/company goes to the extra trouble/expense of making the appropriate IP filings >in China<.

Most IP lawsuits brought by foreign people/companies that only have US/EU/Int'l IP filings lose their cases in Chinese courts. Most IP lawsuits brought by foreign people/companies that have US/EU/Int'l and Chinese IP filings -win- their cases in Chinese courts.

I'm over simplifying a bit (but not by much) but put succinctly: If you manufacture and care about protecting your IP, duplicate your IP filings in China.

Even if you don't manufacture in China, file in China - the Chinese knock-off artists attend all the major int'l trade shows armed with cameras - and sometimes will even blatantly take measurements/dimensions out in the open!
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