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Smile Roll Line Mistral Plate? Precise truck action but stable.

Something about the plate. When I look down at my plate it seems to be almost too wobbly.
I know what you! I think my Giotto and Energy Plates do the same thing. I think that is because we run loose trucks.

But somehow that is translating into more stability.
Although they wobble, they don't really move that much/change direction that much as they are wobbling. The change of direction is very slow and smooth, but exact! If you can imagine that???????

They look too wobbly, but are actually more stable.
Like I said a lot of wobble, but at the same time a lot of stable. They are not actually changing direction but are prepared to turn at a moments glance, but turn just a little bit but exactly, making it a very controllable plate.

Does this make sense, or do I sound crazy?
Nope, that is what make the plate so predictable, so precise and so easy to skate on. I think that is why you can use if for so many, figures and freestyle. Other plates are only good for one discipline because they are tuned for one type of stability. Dance plate are good for giant radical turns and freestyle plates are mainly for stable landing, where the rear trucks turn less than the front trucks.

I had to compensate a bit for a softer wheel, but when I'm skating, it feels like I'm skating on silk.
Those wheels are slick and skating on ice, but they are a little soft and tend to grip on three turns and would grab to much for spins. A harder wheel would be necessary. Although the Ice 97A is harder, I think you would prefer a smaller and harder maybe the freestyle 99A or maybe a Bones 101A or possibly even the Bones 103A. The strictly figure wheels by Komplex...yellow wheels would be excellent for turn figures...double inner or outer three turns.


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