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Larry O- Those Berry boots are so amazing. I want those boots! Oh God, I really don't need more boots, but Berry's are soooooo amazing. Have you ever thought about putting your Matrix on a set of Berrys? I'm new, so if that's a dumb question, apologies.

Ancient 1- I understand about wanting to and having the ability to practice for so many hours. When I started ice skating a few years ago I became so obsessed that I was taking 3 different lessons at 3 different arenas and would practice figures alone for 4hours straight. Sounds like a great memory.

So much to say. Recently I've gotten better at outside double 3 turns, but could never really figure out how to do inside ones. The first time out on my new skates, I figured out the inside double 3's. I did have help from friends. I feel like the stiffness of the boot combined with the stable but super twisty plates, allowed me to do that. Something about the plate. When I look down at my plate it seems to be almost too wobbly. But somehow that is translating into more stability. They look too wobbly, but are actually more stable. Does this make sense, or do I sound crazy? I had to compensate a bit for a softer wheel, but when I'm skating, it feels like I'm skating on silk.

I think the next thing I'll try is different wheel hardness combos. Maybe I'll try Larry O's set up. It sounds like fun. What do you think?
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