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Smile Thanks for the updates on your skates!

Most of your skates and intentions...120, 172, 192 and 297 seem to be on par with the history of skating and apparel and equipment.

1) I like your choice of wheels. The Ice wheels seem to be a little older. Newcomers might be using Komplex and STD and old schoolers like the Bones 101A or 103A.

a) Personally I like a combination of ICE 97A on the outside wheels, ICE 92A for the inside push wheel and the ICE 95A for inside back wheels. What I'm saying is I'm skating on ICE Wheels and they are the perfect combination of grip and!

2) I agree with the High Heels on the artistic Boots. My EDEA Concerto Boots have high heels, but that is not what I'm skating on for my Dance and Figure boots. I think that is a mistake. I chose Berry for comfort. I hope your new boots fit you. My Berry Boots fit perfect for comfort, but I'm debating the High Heel on the Artistic Boots that may be the ticket or better way to go.

a) I recently bought a new pair of Berry Boots. Only two like it in the world. But they have the low heel found on many boots and many people take the high heels and cut it down for some reason. I got a feeling this is a mistake.

My new Berry boots are the "Touch" three hook with a special order soft inner soles, Like the Reidell 336 or the Harlic Custom Dance boots.

3) You talk about your plates. Minstral, which I think are good plates and your Matrix which I know are expensive plates and about the Synders which are heavy...really heavy..they are!

4) I'm debating what my next skate build should be. I have all the skates and boots already purchased, but what boots and what plates shall I use when I put them together?????

a) I'm thinking about mounting my Synder Royals, Titanium (cost 550.00)
to my newly bought one of kind Berry Touch boots, semi tall boot and medium heel, with the soft interiors, using my very expensive Bones Ceramic bearings and maybe just buying a new set of Bones 101A wheels or using my tried and trued, tested ICE 97A/95A/92A combination. I have three boxes of Ice wheels. Once you like something you seem to!

Thanks for all the input. It's affecting my theory on skates and what to compete on.

My Figures skates are Roll Line "Ring" and My Dance Plates are Roll Line "Dance". And my freestyle skates are "Energy" although I have a brand new set of "Matrix" Steel that have been sitting on my kitchen table for two years now, brand new. They just stair me in the face and I wonder what to do with them?


Larry O and thanks for all the updates. I appreciate it!
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