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Default Bi Directional Spinning

Hi Oicusk82huh, kcire10, Ancient1, and others,

In my experience/observation, most folks tend to learn to Spin in only one direction, whether on the ICE or on Wheels. Rt Hander's tend to Spin to the Left, and Lt Hander's tend to Spin to the Right. A Gifted few can learn to do Spins and Jumps in both Directions.

I've forever tried to Spin to the Right, and mostly fail or fall.

I'd certainly encourage folks to attempt to learn going both Directions - but it takes time, and most of us just aren't Wired for it.

Here are a few of my Spins:

If you'll look close at my feet, you'll see I do the Spins Incorrectly for Competition Skating. I'm unable to do the Proper Flat Footed Stance as you can see Properly done in Ancient1's Video. I have limited Ankle Flexibility and control.

For Oicusk82huh, kcire10, you might find these Vids of some of my friends at the WinnWood helpful for your Toe Spinning.

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