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Default "CAUTION" You could be in the No Spin/Roll Zone!!!

Something to ponder/remember with all the hype of the smaller/narrower wheels VS Standard Size Speed Versions.

If you are skating sessions on these smaller/narrower versions vs your speeds.

You will need to work much harder to attain the same speed. The smaller wheel will need to roll more times to cover the same distance. Your body motor will need to do it. More effort etc.

BUT: If you are skating Smaller track Roller Derby,skate in Spurts,not round and round all session etc. The smaller lighter weight wheel will excel in this venue.

Quicker feet,quicker acceleration and easier to turn on. Small track radius.

What is great. The manufactures are providing us more choices to cover more different bodys and venues.

The caveat,is to use all the info to make the best choice. Better now than ever before. Thank You!
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