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I've only been skating for 4.5 years. All of my indoor skates have been
Riedell's. Started out with a used pair of 122s. Bought a pair of 195s from a
guy who just walked up to me at skate session and asked if I wanted to buy
them. I tried them out and as configured with some Radar Speedray wheels on
them, I could tell I was gonna kill myself if I kept them they were so damn
fast! So I sold 'em on eBay and bought some new 495s I just love. I prefer to
have the ankle covered because I attempt to do all kinds of jam skating moves
as well as the fast skating and I just feel more "supported" that way.

So, I'm surprised they're not going to make the 195s anymore. As for the lower
end stuff, I just don't think they can afford to compete there these days. Isn't
the 811 an imported boot already anyways?
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