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Default Skating with the Young: Adds to Life Flexibility


Just ran into a problem with the Boston Globe and inputting comments to the Home FixUp, Advice column. I have added great comments to the Globe from my building experiences for 7 plus years, yet now they seemed to have changed the site. They have removed comments to experts who need additions to their columns.

When you are older you tend to give up when things you knew, and worked well are changed, by the new and inexperienced youth and mid age in our society. You say what the Hell, Heck with them. This of course takes away your experience from the next and next generation.

Yet when you skate like I do with tons of great and athletic young and then 13 to 17 yr olds you see flexibility and fun sitting right next to you on the skate bench. And you see accomplishment, and sometimes copying you on the skate floor.

When the young girl next to me on the bench was so giddy she fell into the garbage can and it tipped into me, I did not mind for a slice of the life I used to live 50+ years ago as a young person.

SO I don't mind the Globe changing and me getting on their case. Because I skate and I skate with the adaptable young.

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave
BTW A young kid on Saturday, his dad was on the bench next to me, could not stop following me and moving his hands to the music like me, and cheering me on whenever I did something he loved.
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