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Default Kids under 5 foot then 6 foot 2

BTW, Thanks Gray I will read it later,

Anyway, a young tall man at skating last week asked me if I knew who he was and his name. Well I did, yet I cheated since I had it written down from 5 years ago or longer.

Now I could tell right away this young man of 13/14 was someone I knew since he skated so darn fast and did so darn many things that I used to show him and his dad back awhile ago. He was even showing his bro and a relative how to do fast shoot the duck. So we reconnected after quite a lapse. He is a little league baseball star winning the whole shabang at cooperstown, NY in Little League for the New England area.

Fun to see them all grown up and STILL SO talented. Now this young man was talented at 7 and he liked people. He and his family are from India.

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave
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