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Default Foot problems & cures

Arthritis slowed me down for awhile, but no more. I wrote about the cure here:

Now I don't even need the BC asprin powder to survive a four hour session. But I did manage to develop a corn on the little toe that was very bothersome. I went through the normal removal and padding treatments with some success, but still had pain. I had my wife pick up Orajel (that's right - the stuff for rubbing on baby's gums when teething). Believe it or not, it works! I would skate until the pain was increasing and apply the orajel. Immediate relief.

So if anyone is having foot problems: be imaginative and you may discover a way to relieve the discomfort.

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I am 57 and hang out with an older crowd. You should be full speed till 70 - when my friends admit they start feeling a decline. 77 is the oldest really fit guy I know.

^^This is all presuming you take care of yourself and keep at it.
I skate with a gentleman that is 81 and still going strong. So if you are able, keep going.

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