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Default Changing Phylosiphy

Originally Posted by GraySk8ter View Post
It has been almost a year since I was told my thyroid was cancerous. I had the operation and they removed the thyroid and 48 lymph nodes(cancer had gotten to some of them close to the thyroid).

After having cancer, they follow up often to ensure it does not re-occur. I was at a follow-up appointment yesterday. My surgeon and another doctor came into the examination room. As the surgeon is looking me over, he asks the other doctor to guess what my hobby is. Of course he couldn't. So the surgeon tells him that I rollerskate.

The surgeon then tells me the two most unusual questions his post-operation patients have asked is: "When can I go back to rollerskating?" (my question) & "When can I play dodge ball?" (from a 93 year old woman)

Exercise is always good for a body, but especially true after major surgery.

Keep rollin
I've always said, " If you can walk, you can skate." I'm changing that to, " If you can walk, you should skate."
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