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Cool. Thanks.

Seeing as you're someone who has done slalom on both inlines and quads, I'd be very interested in your personal experience of how your slalom moves translate between the two types of skate, and also what kind of technique changes (if any) you have to adopt.

Certain slalom moves are undoubtedly easier on inlines, so I'm curious to know whether people who slalom on both quads and inlines have the same repertoire on each type of skate, or whether they have separate sets of moves depending on which type of skate they're rolling at the time.

I only have quad experience, so any slalom-type moves that I do are done within that limited context. I don't have anything else to compare it to, so that's why I'm interested to hear the views of people who skate both.

Keep us updated when you're back skating again.

There are also some slalom moves that I'm finding really challenging, and it would be interesting to hear whether other other slalom quaddies have difficulties with the same moves, or whether it varies from skater to skater.
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