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Maybe I just don't get it, sorry, but the impression from these photos is that while the skating might be good Venice Beach doesn't look all that nice.
I'm not sure I would use the world "nice" to describe Venice Beach but it's a fantastic place. It's more funky and retro then nice... a throwback to the 1960's and earlier. I don't think it has changed much in 50 years and we don't want it to change at all. Venice is a wild scene and a big party every weekend. Oceanfront Walk is filled with street vendors, musicians and all kinds of other street performers and you never know what or who you will see. If you want upscale shops and restaurants go to Santa Monica but if you want an afternoon of wild and crazy fun, Venice is the place. For more information see Visit Venice Beach and Venice Beach Drum Circle.

This sight would surprise no one in Venice Beach.

- Kathie

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