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Default the right sock is the SOLE sock!

If you can fit a sock,then try the SOLE socks. So, in my experience over the years searching for the right sock for skates, I had tried 'wright sock' years ago and tosses them in the trash. Just had a vendor rep come by my shop and told him it's not something I'd even consider selling, let alone use. Here's why- they are dual layered,that means fabric slipping all over the place ,they are loose fitting. the SOLE socks are all we sell for a reason -they work! My personal skate testing was 100 miles, and no blistering, they won me over.

SOLE has micro seamed toe box, compression around the arch, no sagging in the skates. They are thinner and tighter fitting than any cycling sock. I could go on, but give us a shout and we'll get a pair out to you.

Sorry to hear you're having blisters from customs. They are not necessarily the end-all to getting the perfect fit. Feet can/do change over time, and can be swollen when molded and smaller at other times, and allow foot movement. There are other factors that can contribute as well any subtle hip alignment issues may interfere with the pressure you displace on each foot in the boots on the push. for instance - if either of the hips are rotated forward/back that can change how you set down and displace pressure on the foot in the boot (this has more to do with overall anatomical alignments). A good body alignment assessment will help you to discover whether or not if there is any underlying anatomical condition at play.

During molding, just a slight, seemingly imperceptible weight shift can interfere with end results. So, it's hard to say as to why any one boot maker can have both success and failures, it's not necessarily how they build, but how you are molded and the close parameters used to keep you in that position 100% during the process. And, then naturally it follows then how close your body stays to that 100% position during skating.

another quick blister fix -
Dr Scholls gel heel liners - just cut to what ever size you need and adhere to the inside of the boots in that area.

hope you find an solution.
happy rolling!
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