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Originally Posted by Spencer.Berry View Post
I've had similar problems on a few occasions over the years. In my case, moleskin worked wonders.
I bought this anti-blister pad similar to moleskin... it worked really good. Yeah it's a f'kin' hassle to do it everyday... I didn't spend $1600 to be doing this everyday!

Originally Posted by chuckboucher View Post
It almost has to be slippage or pushing off the toe. Blisters happen because of friction.
I completely agree! I am sure it's not my technique and it's not toe pushing. Since I started this post I've been more aware of the boot and I think it's slightly bigger than my heel. Just a tad enough to have some slippage.

Originally Posted by Spencer.Berry View Post
Do you still have the comfy old Pinnacles?
If so, maybe do the majority of your training miles on those, and just do a few miles per day on the new skates, and gradually increase the volume. Just an idea.
My Pinnacles are old... the inside of my boots is done. They are very hard inside because everything is worn out (and never gave me blisters, even when hard) and they're harsh on my ankle bones (that's why I got a new boot). And my Simmons are not new... I'm beginning my 10th month on them and I skate about 100 miles a week on them so they have been worn enough.

I used to think very highly of custom boots but not so much now. I think if you can fit into stock boots, you should do it. I'm no one in the skating community but I'm a "better" known cyclist and many of my cycling friends wanted to get custom cycling shoes when I got my skates.... now that they've seen my problems with custom boots, they're all scared of custom shoes.

In anyway, I appreciate all your comments. I've learned a lot and thought about new things to deal with this topic. The bottom line is that with all the fixing I've tried on the boot, I think this boot is now a loss. I'm out of that money and boot.... unless I am willing to get a blister everyday I skate.
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