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Originally Posted by Dec8rSk8r View Post
Ursle, all you have to do is look on the site you linked to see that Obama and Hillary are also liars, which was all I was trying to say. None of them are beyond reproach. I just vote for whoever's views align the closet with mine and hope for the best.
Here is the big difference between Trump and the Liberals, and many traditional Republicans when it comes to lying: Intent. I have seen Trump misstate, and exaggerate. Neither of these carry any heavy INTENT TO DECEIVE. Some will ding him for changing course on promises made on the campaign. Ann Coulter is doing this right now as she is impatient for the wall. (most recently she said he could do it WITHOUT help or MONEY from Congress. I'll have to look back and see how a President could manage that.) The point being, sometimes realities block, delay, or even change where a President can take his agenda.

I guess what I am saying is, there is a difference, a BIG one, in non-truths, and Lies that were Lies 100% from the moment they were spoken. Lies that were spoken with the absolute intent to deceive. Beto O'Rouke told a lot of these. Every Leftist and most of MSM do it as well. They tell lies. False accusations of Racism, sexism, misogyny, hate. Usless counts 6000 lies? The lies from the left defy numbering. Their lies are like the stars in the sky and sand in the sea. They cannot be numbered.
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