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Originally Posted by ursle View Post
I understand why a Republican would think all politicians lie, Republicans only listen to and read Republican politicians, and Republican Politicians tend to lie, look at the midterms, Republicans ran on two ideas, issues.

1 Only Republicans would give the public pre-condition health care protection.
2 The caravan, filled with mid eastern terrorist was coming to murder the American public.

Now bring up Obama's statement about health insurance, and leave out the fact that Republicans held the purse strings, and wouldn't sign on to the benefits, it would only work if all Americans were involved, and it still worked, even after Republicans voted 70 times to end it, and even when all Republican controlled states wouldn't join, well the Republican states led by hateful, stupid republicans that wanted to stop the public from getting health insurance. Of course all those Republicans ran their midterms with the lie that only they could give the public safety for pre-existing conditions, and of course the public voted for truth, those lying republicans that survived, Will be answering to their constituents.

Trump will always be defeated by the 1'st amendment, Acosta, again, is just reporting the truth, Trump always lies, sad. Acosta alway reports facts, Trump doesn't deserve respect, look at how he's treated the press at every rally, and in the White House.

What lies?
Trump doesn't know how to tell the truth, everyday he makes something up, Dowd, his lawyer quit because he knew if Trump was ever dragged into court and put under oath, he would perjure himself.
Giuliani says exactly the same.

And Sarah's lies at White House press conferences are also well documented, each and every one, she doesn't make them up, she repeates Trump's lies, which makes her a liar.

Trump lies about everything, just pick any subject, and Sarah lies by repeating Trumps lies.


Just her noteworth lies from the White House press conferences.

Trump, it's well documented that trump has lied more than six Thousand times while in office, would you like a list of all six Thousand documented lies?

Here's a comprehensive list of Trumps lies...

Trumps policy's are incredibly stupid.
A tax break that gave 1.1 trillion dollars to the 1% group of richest Americans, and now the deficit will raise one Trillion dollars a year for ten years to pay for it.
The elimination of the diplomatic corp's.
The elimination of the EPA.
A tariff that makes Americans prices rise, Americans pay the tariff, not the country sending the goods, the exporting country just rises the price, Trump is to stupid to figure out basic buisness principal's.
Withdrawing from trade treaties, brilliant.
His foreign policy, what foreign policy, N Korea is now making Nuclear weapons, Iraq is now making Nuclear weapons, great job Trump.

Every thing Trump touches is a failure, pretending he's doing good is ludicrous, he's splitting the country, he's looking for a war, he's making friends with America's enemies, look at Saudi Arabia, he's defending MBS, the CIA has proof MBS ordered the murder of the American journalist, just like the CIA has proof that Russia hacked the election and passes the hacked material to Trump, but Trump denies the proof, just like any Russian spy would.
I don't consider myself a Republican or a Democrat. I vote for whichever candidate I think will be best, and in this case I felt Trump and his capitalism viewpoint would be better for the country than Hillary and her more socialist ways. I voted for Obama for 2 terms, Al Gore, Bill Clinton. Historically, I tend to vote more Republican, but I am getting more conservative on some issues the older I get.

If you think Hillary Clinton wasn't a liar -

Or Obama -
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