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Red, my experience is similar, we all skated speed skates in the day, and felt they skated better than the rentals. I lost mine when I was about 30, and so just rented for the next 20 years, the 1-2 times I'd take my kids each year. Finally, I got a daughter a pair of Riedell 265s, what we all had back then, off ebay for like $125. Then I decided to get my wife a pair....again, 265s for about the same money. Upgraded her wheels to Fugitives and modern bearings, but with the standard Cyclone plates of the day. She loves them! I found a pair for myself finally, and it was like being back 15 years old again! I've since gotten a few other boots that are a little higher end. And a lady in her late 40s bought my daughter's pair "because they are exactly what I had when young!" and now skates every week.

My point is, the quality of 70s through 90s Riedells is hard to top. And they made millions of pair. Find a set that has the plates you want, and spend the money on some modern wheels. You'll find they will last the rest of your lifetime. The modern cheap Riedells like R-3s and GT-50s wear out in about 2 years, my middle aged friends at the rink tell me. I'd get what was high end back then, for about 1/4 what the new ones cost that are not as good.
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