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Hi All...Thank you for all the replies.

For starters..I just happened back here on my own to see if there was any replies since I hadn't gotten any notifications yet. I found only one reply notification in my gmail spam folder..once I saw this (just now) I checked the box to say it wasn't spam. Hoping that will fix me not getting any notifications going forward.

Now onto the topic...
I see a lot of you saying to upgrade my budget.
I was afraid of that and will consider waiting to get skates in order to do so but even if I do add more $$ to it what should I be looking for when it comes to buying the right skates?

I guess my question(s) is this.

How are todays skates compared to the vintage ones?
And is there a way to tell which skates today are high level, medium level and low level?

Example when it comes to cars: (no offense to anyone driving these)
BMWs - High quality, flashy, great ride, safe
Hondas - Medium quality, looks good, decent ride, safe
Old Pintos - Stay away or you could die

If I was using high quality speed skates back when I was a skater and if I could easily tell the difference between how the cheaper skates handled and could BARELY even skate properly on the local rinks rentals (mostly because of what I was used to I would think), should I be worried about this at my age now?

It has been so long since skating..and I don't have the need to compete or anything like that...
I know I won't be doing artistic stuff..or being crazy like I was when I was young such as setting up jumps..holding onto cars for speed etc. etc...not me..not I just want to "safely" be able to cruise the pavement and or rinks again without having my axles break..trucks fall off etc.

Based on all that..I think I am looking for the "Honda" of skates I
I just don't want to spend money on a random pair I see on sale online and have them turn out to be a Pinto in disguise. Even after reading reviews I understand how a Pinto could be a GREAT car for someone who has never driven a Honda or a BMW so they could rate them highly.

Maybe this is harder than I thought and I will have to do more research.

Thanks again for all the replies and time..I meant to reply to each one more but time is limited for next couple of days and as usual I typed too much

Thanks again.

p.s. Pintos were cars made by ford in the 70's that tended to blow up
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