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Default Small Rink Skating

Hi Christian

First note, before reading other replies.

You have a great background, which might make it difficult to see where to go next,

Yet you want to skate with your niece at a small roller rink. SO I go with the flow to bring U back on Up.. Get a pair of Artistic Skates with that heel. If you were half good you will be able to excite your niece with your old talents. Do spins in the middle and 3 turns.

You can buy old artistic skates either here or on ebay or garage sales from the 1950s gang of great skaters.

Now from there, once you feel great on Art rent a pair of InLines and come on Back

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave
P.S. I always tell parents that the best thing for your child is to have a play partner. They forget about the wheels and skate with their buddy. The same is true for you with your niece. You skate with someone you enjoy.
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