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Default Was skater 30 plus years ago - No idea what skates to buy now

Hi All..I am new to this forum and am hoping to get a little advice on what skates I should consider buying now that I want to start skating a bit once again.

Current age: 43

My skate history:
Age 5 went skating for first time...parents were offered free admission to local speed skating program for me on first day.

Spent ages 5-11 competing in speed, figures and artistic / dance but mostly in speed.

Quit when team broke apart around age 11.

Came back at age 14 when new team started up, was forced to compete with same people who stayed skating the whole time because of my former my butt kicked badly and never really competed or skated again.

Since then I haven't really skated at all other than maybe a dozen or so times on cheapish roller blades and was never a big fan of how I could maneuver etc. on those.

Now I would like to start skating at the local small rink with my niece..and possibly do some outdoor skating again but I have no clue on what skates and or wheels to consider.

I know my old skates cost a LOT of money back then...the plates were Lazers (I think that's the name)...and the outdoor wheels I loved were Kryptos and I remember something about the bearings being very expensive.

For these new skates I am hoping to keep costs down as I am "financially challenged"
Will be looking for something under $150 and know I may have to wait to find something decent.

I just don't want to buy a pair and have them be garbage...break or feel like I am trying to skate on rentals, already tried those once and it was like I never skated

So any ideas on what I should look for given I do have a bit of experience...I will most likely try to go pretty fast at times outdoors...and do not want my trucks to break..or to have a tiny pebble send me flying face first into the ground (been there but also want to be able to use the same wheels indoors. The rink here is very small and concrete so Kryptos worked great back then if you were careful..they were a little too "sticky" for the floor but I don't mind since indoors will be rare and I won;t be speed skating there.

Thank you for your time.

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