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Originally Posted by GTI133 View Post
Hey people, now at the tender age of 32 I've decided to get back into aggressive skating, last time i properly skated i was around 15, my kids are into the scooters so when i started taking them to the skate parks i thought why not get back on a pair lol, I'm nowhere near as good / ballsie as i used to be but I'm sure it'll all come back, anyway enough waffle ill get some pics up as I've found a few from when i used to skate and i look forward to being part of the forum
32 is really young, you still have time to be your best. If you start out shakey, don't give up no matter what others may say or looks you may get. And watchout for the urge to give up when you hit middle age down the road. It's a healthful and fun sport.
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