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My GPS has ended up reading 102.5km after 19 laps. I suspect the official lap distance is for the innermost lane, but since that's the pedestrian lane, the shortest skating lap is longer than the shortest running lap.

The lanes were rearranged a few years ago, which has made the bicycles less of an issue. The course marshals still quit once the winner finishes, so you'll have to contend with crosswalks after that. The addition of the 4 hour relay division in 2017 seems to have helped by keeping more skaters on the track for the last hour.

The "Finish" field in the 2017 results is missing the hour digit. That should be 3 for everybody but the last two. The lap times look reasonable except for the cases where someone's chip didn't trigger resulting in them having one double-length lap and appearing a lap short.
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