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Originally Posted by larryoracing View Post
Thank you so much for the information. It is invaluable. It looks like you are showing the Imperial plate which is quite a bit heavier than the Royal/Ti. And you are using the cone shaped cushions on your Imperial skates and not the Barrel cushions that come stock. Also the Cushions top and bottom are taller (?) than the natural rubber cushions that come stock on the Synder Royal plates.

Correct. The longer barrel cushions will make the skate a little more turney. But if they are softer then the rubber, the cushion takes more pre-compression. Then it's a wash.

Also you are using the stock hardware for tightening the cushions on your Imperials and not the nylon nut and stud assembly that comes on the Royal speed skates.

Correct. It makes no difference to me which hardware I use. I keep tools for most systems in my bag. Compression is the same regardless. So I just use whatever I find on the plate.

I would love to see a picture of your Royal skates to make sure I know what setup you have on both skates, Imperial Vs Royal.

Here you go.

You are using the urethane Yellow cushions. On my present set up on my Imperial Skates I’m using the Red Stripe Synder Cushions which goes alone with your theory of soft cushion setup. The red stripe natural rubber Synder cushions are the “Soft” cushions.

I have never tried the softer rubber. The rubber hardens over time. I can purchase the urethane cheap. It is easier to experiment with urethane due to its availability.

I put these on the skates to see if I could free up the action of the trucks to make them turn easier, which they did but no comparison to a Roll Line Dance Plate.

Again thanks for all the wonderful information. The stock natural rubber cushions on my Royal skates are the White Stripe Natural Rubber, which is medium Hardness.

The stock rubber seems ok to me. An issue I have had is when the cushion compresses too much and is not replaced, it moves the pivot pin towards the king pin. This wears out the pivot pin and its cup.

Again, I hope to someday mount up these skates to my Pro Star SP Teri Boots. My knees and legs are getting stronger since practicing backward edges and swings down the main straightaway of the rink and also practicing backward edges on the figure circles.

I wanted to see how these Royal skates would compare to the Imperials for Freestyle?

Theoretically they will behave about the same except for the weight and cushion choice.

Imperial skates weigh 10 lbs. Energy skates weigh a mere 7lbs. Yes, Synders are lead bricks and when you are 62 years old and trying to jump and spin, you notice the difference in wt, which is substantial…lol!

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