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Originally Posted by larryoracing View Post

So does your Royals and Imperial react the same.
Essentially Yes. They have the exact same geometry.

I have two small complaints of my Royals: 1. The length was restrictive for some moves. 2. I can actually feel the narrow width through the boot. But this only occurs when I focus on it.

Let me say I like cushions as soft as possible; to the point I start losing stability.

I first tried the blue (soft) cushions since I sometimes use those on the Snyder SD. They were way too soft for the added movement of the DA45 geometry.

Then I switched to the yellows (medium). They have been working well. I am even attempting single jumps on them. They have fairly good takeoff stability. (that's my biggest concern right now. My only issue with landing is the weight, but I don't even notice that any more.)

I'm also not using the cone cushion cups. I started doing this based on DOC's comments. I can't tell much of a performance difference, but the cushions take less abuse from the cup edge. One day I'll make a spacer to replace the barrel cushion cup too.

The urethane are dimensionally different then the rubber. The biggest difference is length. urethane is about .060" (1.5mm) longer.

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