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Originally Posted by larryoracing View Post
The Dance plate is an excellent plate. Many people love them and at our rink almost every “Dancer” uses the Roll Line Dance plate.

I personally would not use the Dance plate for Freestyle or Figures, because it turns too easily. I feel one could twist an ankle doing freestyle with this plate and that your figures would be wobbly with the “Dance” plate.

Next, if you agree with me and Roll Line Recommendations that the “Dance” plate is excellent for dance and mediocre for Freestyle and Figures, you would mount a “Dance” boot to a Dance plate.

I have two Roll Line dance plates. The longer plate has mounted to it the EDEA “Dance” Boot/Flamenco and my shorter Dance plate has a set of beautiful all leather Berry Boots from Argentina mounted to them.

The Berry boots were specifically designed to do dance by their Best Dance Skaters.

I have to admit my Berry Skates/boots on the shorter 160 Roll Line Dance plate is my favorite skate, but it is tricky to skate on with the shorter boots.

The Longer dance plates (170) does fine with the EDEA Dance/Flamenco boot and feel fine and stable with the longer wheel base. This is a very stable and secure Dance Plate for Doing Dancing on.

I think you will find the Roll Line Dance plate superior to the Synder Imperial Skate if you want to do “Weave” type Dancing….going back and forth quickly/fast quick edges back and forth across a base line.

If you don’t do weave dances the Synder Imperial is a fine skate. I would like to hear more people talking about the Synder Royal for doing dance. Although the Royal and Imperial are similar in design and truck action , the cushions are vastly different and I think those different design in cushions could make the Syncer Royal Skate superior to the Imperial skate...just a guess???? Time will tell when people start to make a comparison...probably!


Larry Otani

P.S. Happy skating. Nothing could be finer than a pair of Roll Line Dance plates.
I'm using the same sure grip urethane cushions on my Royals and Imperials. I only mention the Imperial because of the length (171mm) is close to the dance plates I ordered (170mm). My Royals are 178mm. But I prefer the shorter length and willing to deal with the weight.

I'm not planning to invest any more into the Snyder products (but who knows what I'll find on ebay). Hopefully I can switch to the Dance and not look back.
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