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Hi everyone. I just bought my 1st pair of skates with guards a few days ago. (Rollerblade Astro, size 80 wheels, 82 hardness). Can someone please help me? I've tried skating with the skates, and my feet really hurt. They also tend to wobble inward and outwards... I constantly feel like I can't really balance on the skates.

How do I know if I bought the right size skates? I have a few feet issues, my left foot is about 1/2 size bigger than my right, I have a pretty huge bunion on my left foot too, and I suspect I have flat feet. (Without spending tons of money seeing a doctor, is there any other way to find out for sure?) I tried a 6.5 and the toes felt cramped so I bought a 7. But now my ankle seems to be wobbling a lot and I'm worried that I bought a size too big. My right foot also feels like it's swimming in the shoe, but the left still feels a little cramped.

I decided to pick up skating because there's this really cool huge flat area below my block. (I checked this forum before I made up my mind ) So far I've tried to skate for around 6 hours spread across a couple of days or so. Is it normal for newbie skaters to have feet that really hurt?

Thanks so much for any advice! I've scouted around this forum and I've gotten a ton of helpful tips too!

Edit: I forgot to add that I'm female, but I ended up buying a male cut because I just didn't feel comfortable in the female cut. Is this ok?
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