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Define "conferences."

RollerCon is a roller derby convention.

Nearly every roller derby tournament has skate vendors there. Sometimes with almost as many vendors as RollerCon. It's one of the ways the organizers cover their costs, by selling tables to vendors.

North Central Region Playoffs are happening this year in Niagara Falls, NY (nobody from the region placed a bid). South Central seems to be happening in Lincoln, NE this year October 5-7th, which I guess is a lot closer. I'm not sure where USARS is holding their Nationals, but fairly often those are in Lincoln as well.

Thing to know about any of these: Any quad stuff is going to be focused on the disciplines for the event.

There's at least two trade shows for rink owners and skate shop types, but those are probably not aimed at consumers.

If I were looking for a skate builder in Iowa, I'd check around Des Moines. There's something like three derby leagues there.
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