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My super deluxe came with a jump bar but it didn't help to keep the king pin from snapping. I only bent one king pin. I have ripped 2 rivets out of my trucks. And I was so careful when I skated

I thought that at one time there was a lifetime warranty on Snyder plates. I guess I was mistaken on what it covered.

As for cushions, you may have to ask specifically for the original formula cushions or they may give you urethane or a different compound that you may find that it feels strange. Best of luck.

Originally Posted by Silverado View Post
Larry, I retired at 72, will be 76 in August.
As I said I contacted snyder and got a reply back from Steve Ball. I sent another letter back and told him that I thought he might be to young to have seen the Snyder Imperials without the jump bar. I am how ever going to send them in. There is a chance that the cushen's I bought were old stock ( not from Snyder ). They just don't seem right to me. Now I've done my own research as far as I can and noticed that original Snyder skates did not use the jump bar. There are several Imperial men and womens skates on ebay that do not have the jump bar. When the company became Douglass Snyder they started using the jump bar. I've looked at a lot of retro Snyders and my findings seem to check out. My skates are stamped Snyder Imperial Skates.
A side note: when I was 16-17 I really was into jumping, and spins, with other fellows at the rink. I never saw a broken kingpin. My kingpin is 45 degree. All snyder skates now have jump bars, 10 /15 / 45 degree. Only the Snyder Advantage doesn't have a jump bar and it's got a 15 degree kingpin.
It seems to me that the engineering is off on the placement of the bar. I think it's to close to the plate. I think it would work better on the bottom. Then the kingpin would be held on both ends. One more note. If kingpins are breaking, I don't want a titainium one. Give me something that will bend. Besides, what good is the jump bar if the trucks are moving enough to snap a king pin? And why doesn't the Advantage model use one. Later Jim
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