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Wink King pins breaking, WHY?

I just have to chime in about king pins. I have a pair of Snyder Imperials that I bought back in the early 60's. I'm now 75 years young. I've been off the floor for over 20 years total. I never broke a king pin. I used to power slide all the time on the regular wooden floor. Also used to have to get on the back skater when we did crack the whip and actually slide side sideways to slow them down. Anyway I'm back skating and decided to replace the wheels, bearings and cushion's. I'm having a heck of a time adjusting the cushion's. I emailed Snyder and ask for specific instruction's on how they set them up from installing the king pin on to adjusting the cushion tension. Sent them a photo of my skates. I got an answer back yesterday asking me to send my skates in and let them repair them because I was missing the jump bar. i'm thinking that there must not be any old timers working there anymore, that remember how they were set up.
These skates never had a jump bar and there are several photo's of the Imperial's on eBay without the jump bar. Now back to the king pins. I've read loads of stories about broken king pins and ask myself. There is absolutely no way a king pin should break on a skate except for poor engineering. Engineering cost money. The cheapest way is to change the bolt. If this is a real problem why hasn't there been a recall. I agree with Armadillo about the bolt hardness. I would rather have a bolt bend than snap. Maybe engineering should look at maybe a design change. Just a thought. How many other brands of skates have a king pin problem? Is it more common to break on the front axle, back? Does it ever tear the aluminum out of the plate? I can't believe that someone would not notice a pivot pin so far out of adjustment that it would cause a king pin to snap. You would think the cushions would be shot. And why hasn't Synder put a steel insert in the plate for the pivot pit to seat against instead of wearing on soft aluminium. Maybe they have changed the setup?

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