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Smile Thanks for the Post!

DerekR I assume the Imperial Lite, does not have a toe stop. I even assume you could remove the cross bar and install a smaller nut that locks down the trucks, just to save weight?

You can order or the Lite might have titanium axels. I know the Synder “Royal” has machined down trucks to shave off more weight.

I have a pair of old synder deluxe skates, I think made in the 40’s or 50’s that have a add-on/removable toe stop and mounting system. Also I think these skates were the origin of the now so called “Lite” plate, because these Synder skates/plates have very light thin plates as compared the standard design of the 70’s and 8O’s.

If you are trying to build a light dance or figure competitive plate with the famous synder imperial truck action there is a lot you can do to get the weight down to the bare minimum and then just add a EDEA boot to save another 40% of weight off the skate setup.


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