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Default Thats nothing to be ashmed of !

Originally Posted by galacticat View Post
I cheated. I did not buy more tools. I went to a local skateboard shop and begged them to please please undo my kingpins cuz i just couldn't and they probably had the correct tools.

They did the thing!

so now they are at a human level of tightened with fresh new bushings!

Technically I did take everyone's advice, I just used someone else's hands to do it.

Thank you everyone!
A steel bolt will almost weld itself into an aluminium thread and to crack it you sometimes have to tap it rigorously with a light hammer then tighten before you loosen .
I get sick of doin it the hard way like everybody else and take stuff to the motor bike shop for some professional help, because ive damaged parts before due to lack experience.
Uno what its their field,and im glad to get back on wheels sooner.
They have thousands of tricks and a world of experience.
Good you got it sorted out .
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