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Originally Posted by BMW325TI View Post
I am living in average big village(city). In summer season and other periods I don't see any other practicing speed skating/skating. Here ; Ice skating is more popular. While skating on wheels is more difficult and require more skills. So it should also olympic sport!
You're on inlines, if there aren't any around, nobody want's to.
Before finding you're on inlines I was going to explain how inlines in the 80's took over the market, it was like digital taking over from vinyl, a waste, vinyl was far superior in every way but digital is plug and play no setup required.
Well, inlines are just as inferior, but the're faster, easier to skate, can go anywhere, bigger wheels and a smaller track, but they're like wearing socks in a shower compared to the roller skate experience, IMHO, the support point for inlines, the point, the exact point that your body passes energy, or realistically the inline skate passes energy to you is a tiny bit of your body, on the outer edge of each heel, and after you grow a bone spur, all engines full speed ahead, I'd rather speed on a bicycle and skate for flexibility on roller skates than eat my body with inlines, but...JMHO.
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