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I am skating on quads, they are an older pair of carrera's that were a craigslist find $20, that I remounted the plates on them as the rivets were loose, then swapped out the bearings and wheels. For now there OK, and for what a total of $150 skate pretty nice. I seem to have one occasional truck issue guessing it is something wore odd in the nylon cup area. If I continue to roll I want to upgrade as my foot is a bit wide and occasionally there is some discomfort. But for now they work.

I just wish there was a larger skate pro shop near me as I would love to be able to try on some boots for comfort before spending a few hundred on them. I have an odd foot that is tuff on shoes.

I want to get good enough to skate backwards and smooth out crossovers both ways.
Thanks everyone for the welcome.
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