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I came back here to make a post about this, and then realized I already had. Well, still very much interested in this, and I have even started making a list of places to advertise it. I feel like advertising/getting the word out is going to be the most difficult bit.
I will probably wanna talk to the police at some time to alert them to the sheer number (I hope) of skaters on a friday night, but I might put that off until it is actually an issue.
What else do I need to be considering?
Any ideas of where/who for advertising this event (recurring)?
Also, if you are AT ALL interested, please reply or PM me so I can add you to my list. I'll keep the list private, but I have enough names so far to maybe actually make this happen.
Big decision to make: Seattle or Tacoma?
secondary decision: where in afore-decided city?
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