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OMG, I could have written your post!! Except for the outside skating. We live in BFE with miles of dirt roads all around. If I have to drive to skate, I'm going to a rink where the environment is controlled and weather is perfect! LOL

I too was a diehard skater as a kid. Now, I am 48, have 3 grown kids and working on my 2nd set of 3 kids to raise!!

I don't know what made me think of skating this time around, but I did. I took the kids last weekend and now I am in the process of buying skates, wheels etc.

I got Riedell Raven Plus for me for the rink, and got some outdoor wheels for using in our shop, or if the kids talk me into something else! LOL I have bad ankles, so I need the added stability of the tall artistic boot and the Raven Plus has an aluminum plate and jump bar, both of which were high on my priority list since I am a big girl. My daughter (8) wanted skates like mommy, so I found 2 pair of Riedell RW Waves on eBay. Probably getting a pair for one son (10) as well, and inlines for the other (also 10).

We skated all last weekend and are headed out again this weekend. Hope to still be skating for many more years!! The skate bug has definitely bitten at our house!!!
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