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Yes, I love quads. But I've been reading about all these outdoor long races, and they sound like something I would really enjoy - not to win, mind you, but just to go and complete the races would be a big accomplishment to me. So I might need to look into some inlines in the future, although I've never skated on inlines before and I'm not sure how difficult they would be at my age to master.

For the time being, I found my younger girls some inexpensive indoor/outdoor quads - their feet are still growing and I don't know how far they want to go with skating. My older daughter got a better pair, she has been watching Indy Jamma Jones youtubes and wants to try out the local skate park - I will need to put grind blocks on her skates if we give that a go, but that modification looks doable. I went with the Riedell Divas from Connie's Skate Place. Skates arriving tomorrow, and I can hardly think about anything else!
We will start off in the driveway, but hope to hit the bike trails soon. I know quads are more work outside than inlines, but I need to burn calories, so I'm ok with inefficiency for now. May need to ask lots of questions about changing out the "parts" on these skates for various uses indoors and out. I've tried to read up on wheels, plates, bearings, etc for rink skating vs Trail skating, but it gets pretty convoluted pretty quickly when I don't know what kind of roll we will prefer yet. So I guess I will just take it as it comes with the modifications. I am surprised to find myself becoming OBSESSED with all things skate-related, which I didn't see coming, but at least it appears I am in good company here!
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