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For outdoor skating you absolutely can not beat a pair of inline skates. They are built for it, and can sail smoothly over any big sidewalk cracks.

I too grew up on quads (super cheap K-Mart quads) and skated outside every day of the week. It's always exciting when someone gets back into skating! Welcome workout, best enjoyment, best way to spend time with your kids! It feels like pure freedom.

However, it's super cool that you want to do quads. I don't have any advice on quad skates, my quads that I use outside are Riedell Juice and I just put outdoor wheels on them when skating outside (that means a soft wheel about 85a durometer).

If however you ever think about inlines, then I'd advise you think about K2 recreational skates. They are super versatile and can go both indoor and out.
They are really comfortable and come with a soft wheel. Affordable too. Good luck.
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