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Default Intro and need opinions on skates for me and kids

Wow, what a great forum this is! I have spent the last several days perusing the boards and I am impressed with the knowledge represented here.

I need help with what to do for skates for myself and my 3 daughters.
Youngest daughters (tweens) are complete beginners.
Oldest daughter (college age) is an intermediate beginner.
I am mid-forties, skated like a fiend when I was a kid, but have been away for 30 some years. We have been going to what few local rinks are left here for some All Skate sessions for the past few weeks, and the girls are loving it and wanting more. I am remembering how much I loved to skate as a kid and wondering why I didn't return to it sooner.

Because rink time is so limited where we live (basically only weekends) I think it would be best to get outdoors skates for all of us so we can get some more time on wheels. There are some nice walk/bike/skate paths in our area that we are excited about spending time on. We also have a large driveway, a fair amount of sidewalk around the house, and a large concrete basketball pad at our house. However, it would also be nice to be able to swap out wheels and use our skates indoors, too. I don't know if that is a practical idea or not.

I don't have an unlimited budget for four skaters, and the two youngest are still growing, so would probably need new sizes every year or so (at least that has been their trend with shoes thus far). The oldest (college girl) has expressed some interest in looking into Derby, but wants to improve her skills first. I just want to SKATE, in whatever capacity I can, as much as I can! It's silly, but I had forgotten how...just HAPPY it makes me. I can't explain it, but I'm thinking probably this is a place where most of you understand exactly what I'm talking about with that. Hubs and son (17 yr old) don't get it, but we are not giving up on getting them enthused about skating, too!

I had thought about the Riedell Diva outdoor skate for me (has Riedell 130 suede boot) and Moxi Lolly for oldest daughter. Not sure for the youngest two, but had thought about Riedell Dart Quad. From what I have read, nylon plates are not looked upon terribly favorably here...but I'm not sure I want to go spend a lot more to get metal plates yet. Maybe that is false thinking.

When I was a kid I had a used pair of Riedell artistics - I don't know what model, but probably the cheapest, we didn't have much money for that sort of thing, and they were absolutely my most prized possession of my youth. I wore them everywhere I could: in the house, on the driveway (changed out the wheels), in the rink, at friends' houses, in the get the idea I wish I still had them...

Thanks for the add to the forum, and any opinions! I have already learned so much lurking and look forward to learning more.
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