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Originally Posted by Eireannbaker View Post
Am I wasting my time?
LEARNING to skate and stick handle is not wasting time. My advice would be to master some basics before hitting the court with experienced players. If they have a beginners league, great. Otherwise, it really depends on the temperament of the guys playing and how easy it is for them to get enough warm bodies to play.

I started a beginners league years ago. Parking lot outdoors on inline skates. Everyone was welcome including wives, kids, we didn't care. Because it was in a parking lot, there were no boards or walls to deal with, so avoiding collisions with newbies was easy.

But let me make just one point here: Now and then we would get some big dude who could BARELY skate, much less be of any value to a hockey team. For the rest of us playing it was like trying to avoid a refrigerator rolling around at random on the court. He seemed to be having fun, certainly his skating skills were improving because he wasn't THINKING about skating the entire time. But for most of us, he was just an obstacle in the way - even to his own teammates.

If I were you, I would go spend a lot of time in the seats at the rink just WATCHING. Learn to skate forwards proficiently. I don't know how good your local guys are but I used to play with a few ex-pros at times. My backwards skating skills are five stars so I could play with those guys if they needed a few "less than" hockey players to get a game up. I did not grow up playing hockey, so even though my skating skills are excellent, I almost always played with the "B" teams.

Hockey IS skating. If you can't skate, you will be of little use on a hockey rink and likely a source of aggravation unless there is a beginner league or your "pros" are VERY laid back and short handed.

Hope this helps. Now get out there and SKATE, SKATE, SKATE!

BTW...I started playing hockey in my mid 30s. I was already an expert skater and it took me about one year to get proficient playing hockey. So if you have that kind of time, why not waste it skating? This is all up to you.
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