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Thanks. I had not found that thread^^. Helpful.

I guess it is pretty boring and frustrating to learn from scratch. Since I have been skating for eons and already have loads of skating skills the beginning slalom moves have been coming fairly easily. I have not even set out cones yet. Just practicing getting comfortable on one foot forward and backward plus a few other transitions.

I generally don't like hanging out in one spot for any reason. I am a distance freak. But now and then, especially if weather is a factor, I am seeing the value in just going through some drills in a nearby vacant parking lot. It might be nice to just zone-out to some repetitive motion now and then. And I could see it being addictive to a point. I just love being on skates but get tired of dreaming up ways to get big miles in. It is quite a commitment time-wise.

On a day when my time is short I could hit the cones for an hour and be happy. Or traveling. Middle of the day hotel parking lot around the back of the hotel. A nearby park. A dead-end street. Whatever.
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