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Default Why Do Skaters Give Up On Freestyle/Slalom?

I have been watching too many slalom videos on YouTube and other sources and notice, of course, that only young people are skating around tiny cones. This made me wonder...why?

I guess a big part of it is because young people have TIME. Kids grow up, go to college, get careers , get married, have kids, and then I guess start living their lives through their children which sucks up all of their time. After the children are gone the body is sadly out of shape, overweight, out of practice, and likely not very flexible. So that's that.

I was really wondering about the OTHER people. Does slalom sports create a lot of nagging injuries? Are skaters driven only by competition - once the young guns start taking all the gold the older folks just quit?

The sport looks like it would take a lot of passion and persistence to get to any serious level. I am one of those people who hate to lose ground on skill I paid for dearly. And, since I was 53 before I got married and always have tons of free time to do whatever I want to, I have managed to hold on to all of my athletic skills at 57.

SO....if freestyle/slalom was your main thing, and you stopped doing it.....WHY?

If you are over 30 years of age and you are STILL twirling through the cones, how is it going? What injuries have you sustained? How long was your longest layoff? Is it relaxing, or a burden to keep at it?
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