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Originally Posted by Maroon bells View Post
Hello Quadster,
I just recently got back into my skating again once a week in Reigate and may need to buy some new boots as the Bauer supreme's still kill my feet. I don't think they do the Bauer turbos anymore and I am thinking of getting some Ventro pro's. Have you any experience with these boots?

Hopefully I can continue skating as my back is playing up a bit. How are you doing these days?
Hi there, try and find a pair of Supreme Turbo. Depending on your size, you can pick them up for around £50. Iíve got 3 pairs and I donít think I paid more than £40 for any of them. They are a bit more flexible than the SFR and they are easy to attach other plates to if you want a plate upgrade. I actually like my Supremes, can skate in them for hours.
Pm me if you want any help
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