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Default Update!

So. we are coming into summer here in New Zealand and the weather is clearing up. My skating group and I ran roller disco's in the recent school holidays to raise some money for some inline fitness or speed skates. We came up with about $300 that we were going to use to subsidise individual purchases. Not ideal, but would keep the costs down a bit of buying new


My artistic coach was speaking with the lady who runs our local inline hockey club and told her about what I was trying to do and she has offered me 40 (40!!!) pairs of old inline skates and a big bag of parts for FREE!! there is everything from old plastic-y hire type skates through K2 fitness skates through older model Bauer hockey skates - it's amazingly kind of her and definitely enough to get us started. I can't wait to tell everyone this evening at our learn to skate class! It also means that we can blue our $300 on protective gear for everyone who wants to give it a try.
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