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Originally Posted by mikeyb View Post
Mark, love the pictures of the Eddy camp. Looks like an intense edge control training session. Did you learn substantially new things or was this more another take on a lot of drills you perhaps learned with your club?

One of the downsides of our team is that we do not do enough drills.

My first real instruction in skating was last years Eddy clinic. This year I felt more confident, but still I could barely do half the stuff he had us do. So for the next few weeks I'm starting back at first principles. I can now glide for 50m, in the semblance of a straight line, on my left skate in an ampersand position. My right skate I roll off the outside edge and shoot off to the side after about 3m And don't get me even started on RH cross overs... I can fake a LH one but I'm all over the map on a RHer.

I can now appreciate how Eddy was teaching us and what the drills are meant to accomplish.
- Mark
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