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Last night was a nightmare. I'll back up a little first. Last Tuesday the owner came to the DJ booth and got after some of the regulars for skating too fast and said if we are passing more people than are passing us and weaving in and out then we are skating too fast and she will have to tell us to leave and not skate there anymore. Apparently some guy (who even has his own skates but isn't that good) got brushed by one of our outer edge fast guy skaters and whined.

So, going into last night, my guy skate partner was paranoid about getting hollered at, even though no one has spoken to him personally about fast skating for about 1 1/2 yrs. He got himself into a funk and was sitting practically the entire night and when he would go out on the floor, just skated super slow.

I went over and talked to the owner for awhile. I can see her point, that they must as a business owner respond to complaints, blah blah blah. But apparently in years past they didn't come down on us so hard. She says they always did, but all of the skaters tell me otherwise (I'm 4 yrs. new to the rink, so I don't have history there). She suggested a fast skate song. I didn't disagree or agree.

Later, the DJ announced a fast skate song, which has never been done since I've been there, but they used to do it years ago. I could see the regulars really liked that, but my funked out skate friend stubbornly wouldn't go out on the floor and "be labeled as a fast skater". Insanity. To say the least, I was pretty annoyed with him all night. He even kept putting on the brakes during our couple skates. HUH? I barely had enough momentum to do our stuff and told him so. We don't get up great speeds couple skating anyway, but we do pass lots of people.

Anyway, with my skate friend in his downward spiral and us not skating as much as we usually do, I realized how much I count on couple skating as a big part of my skate night. I like to do my thing too, but when the slower songs came on, I realized how lost I was without a partner!

I was pretty hard on him, but I told him if he continued like that I would look for another partner! Yeah, yeah, I know that was harsh. We've been skating solidly for about 2 1/2 yrs. now and I wouldn't even want to consider having to start all over with someone else, getting used to them, etc.

I'm sure it will be better Friday night when I go, but the rink is really putting a damper on adult fun. Why don't those whiners either skate or go home? One of the regulars suggested that part of the problem is that the DJ doesn't announce anymore that the slower skaters should stay to the inside. So they get in the way by the wall where they think it is safe, when actually they are right in the path of the fast skaters. Then the skaters are forced to weave through the feeble skaters and they get upset at the fast wind hitting them and go tattle.

Long posts are hard to read, so I will shut up now. Hopefully my guy partner will straighten up and get over it and we will be back to having a blast.
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