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Default Local Fitness Track New Surface Finished! (VIDEO)

Workers put the finishing touches on new tarmac at a local fitness path Friday. Saturday...of course...I SKATED IT!

This is the only fitness track in the city (New Orleans) that has a lot of shade. True, this increases the debris field but they keep it fairly clean. I brought along one of my video cameras so you can all enjoy skating the virgin surface with me.

The video also includes part of the MRT - Mississippi River Trail, easy skating distance from the new surface. The MRT is full sun mostly on top of the river levee and often windy. Nice contrast to the shady park path.

Video is 7 minutes long. If you access from a screen larger than a phone, click on the "HD" symbol bottom right of the video (you might have to start playing it first) and select 720p HD resolution.
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