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Friday evenings about 5pm when everyone gets out of work, I hear is the best time to skate slalom in the park. Enter on 72 street and head directly to the amphitheater. That's where everyone skates. I skate slalom Saturday and/or Sunday (when I'm off) at around 5pm by the amphitheater. I went 2 weeks ago and couldn't skate, there was a huge Breast Cancer event being set up. Wednesday evening everyone meets at Union Square and skates about 13 miles around the city, I hear it's pretty intense. Weekends are great because Central Park Dance Skate Association meets (also near the amphitheater). You can learn a lot from those guys, even if they don't do slalom, they've got some moves. You can also check their schedule, and find out what big events will make it difficult for skating.

Hope that helps.
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