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Default No one can answer that question but you.

Originally Posted by cjj View Post
I roller skated all the time when I was 17-20, and recently discovered that quad skates are back big time. I got the skating itch, bought protective gear and new skates and now want to venture to outdoor roller skating. Do y'all think a major injury is too risky? I'm thinking more back and tailbone.
Too risky? No one can answer that question but you. I'm 62, retired, very good health. I think about it all the time. It also depends on how you skate, I mean there are HUGE differences in speed, path conditions, and just plain what you do on them. Poke along a smooth path or dropping into swimming pools? Some streets are hell!

There are other kinds of risks most adults don't consider. Depending on the type of work you do and the injury, you could easily be out of work 3-5 months if you are a roofer, etc. Are you taking care of anyone else, is there someone to take care of you for 3 months and or do you have the cash?
Some people are risking very little, others are risking losing their homes. Responsibilities and resources are a HUGE part of the calculation for us adults. I have friends with young children that broke ankles, OMG, you have no idea.

Truth is, it's scary. At least half of my friends (many half my age, skate same as me) have broken something over the past 10 years. A few went through hell. Crazy thing is almost everyone come back to it! Outdoor skating is more dangerous for sure, and harder. I know lots of 70+ year old skaters in the rink. Outdoor, almost none unless you're talking old school dance stuff, which can be really fun by the way!

I will skate outdoors sometimes with friends, but only under very good conditions. 62 is OLD for Skating the streets in quads. Old school dance stuff aside, I have met very few much older than me. Now inlines, that a different thing.

I know many people will say I am harsh, but it's just reality. I am not saying it's too risky! I'm just saying keep it real, know your own particular risk. Note: 82 year old skater above is a RINK skater and a very careful one.
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